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Cape Coral (known locally as the Cape) was built over 40 years ago by two reiki land speculators, the Rosen brothers, who believed that the property's location on the Gulf Coast would be attractive to homebuyers. They purchased the property, platted the community, and created a system of canals spanning more than 400 miles, Best Reiki in Orange County which were dug up to elevate the land, most of which was around three feet above sea level. At 115 square miles, Cape Coral is the third-largest city in Florida (in terms of land area), after Jacksonville and Tampa. The city is divided into four reiki quadrants--northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast--with most of the streets being numbered. Santa Barbara Boulevard divides the city into east and west, while Hancock Bridge Parkway (east of Santa Barbara) and Embers Parkway (west of Santa Barbara) divide the city into north and south. refinance home interest only loan Incorporated as a city in 1970, Cape Coral is one of the fastest Crystal Reiki Healing growing areas in Florida, and is the fifth-fastest growing city in the United States. The city features numerous waterfront properties on canals, lakes, and basins; many of which have direct access to the Pine Island Sound and Caloosahatchee River. The city has many public parks and crystal reiki recreation areas. It is also home to several crystal reiki golf courses.